Playing Quake I under Linux (darkplaces)

Quake I and darkplaces
Quake is a classic. The game is more than 10 years old and runs even on very old hardware. This article describes how to install the darkplaces Quake I total conversion by Lord Havoc. You need the game media files for Quake I that can be found on your Quake CDROM to play the original maps and game. You can also play the darkplaces mod that comes with the engine.

Installing the game
Installing darkplaces (dp) is very easy. Just download the Linux binaries from the darkplaces website. The file is named atm. Just unzip it, I like to move the folder to ~/software/darkplaces/. Then copy the pak0.pak file from your Quake CD to darkplaces/id1/ if you also want to be able to play the original Quake maps. You‘re ready to play the game now.

Playing and configuring the game
You can play the original Quake by simply starting darkplaces:

cd ~/software/darkplaces/

You can also play the darkplaces mod:

cd ~/software/darkplaces/
./darkplaces-linux-686-sdl -game dpmod

When you start dp for the first time, it will create the folder ~/.darkplaces/. You can edit the config files in there or use the in-game menu to configure dp.