Playing Quakeworld under Linux (nQuake)

Quake and Quakeworld
Quakeworld is a release of Quake I that has improved netcode and other features to improve the multi-player experience, especially when playing over the internet. The source code of Quake was released by id Software and there are many free implementations of Quakeworld. One of them is nQuake. You need the original Quake media files from your Quake CD to use the Quakeworld engines.

Installing the game
You‘ll have to download the nQuake Linux installer from the nQuake website or a mirror. The file is called nquake13a_installer-linux.tar.gz atm. Unpack the archive and install the game, I installed it to ~/software/nquake/. Then copy the pak0.pak file from your Quake I CD to nquake/id1/.

Configuring and running nQuake
You‘re ready to play Quakeworld now. To start the game, do the following:

cd ~/software/nquake/

The config files are stored in the directory you installed nQuake to.